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  • Sweating

    Sweating is a vital bodily process which allows the athlete’s body to cool down and get rid of excess heat.  But if the athlete does not replace lost fluids, bad things can happen.  Baseball players can sweat away 2 to 4 pounds of fluid every hour during intense practice or game conditions.  The loss of any weight can lead to mental fatigue, poor cardiovascular function, and poor athletic performance.  Athletes need to drink fluids before practice/competition, replenish sweat losses during practice/competition, and drink even more to speed the body’s recovery afterwards.  The most convenient way to replenish the body’s lost fluids and carbohydrates is to have the athlete ingest a properly formulated carbohydrate-electrolyte drink.

    Did you know you can hydrate with what’s on your plate — not just what’s in your cup Cleveland Clinic offers information on 7 foods that will assist with replenishing fluids.