NEOCycle is an urban cycling festival consisting of competitive races and unique rides connected by live entertainment and an interactive, action-filled festival village at Cleveland Metroparks Edgewater Park on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio

Pedal Power from GE Lighting to help light stage and Night Ride route

GE Lighting is a proud supporter of NEOCycle and the NEOCycle Urban Youth Initiative, a multi-phased health and education program for youth from each of the City of Cleveland’s recreation centers that includes physical activity, nutrition and educational components. Bicycle riding, a key part of this initiative, helps children stay fit by burning calories and strengthening the heart, lungs and lower body muscles and bones.

During NEOCycle, specially engineered bikes will illuminate energy-efficient LED lighting along the bike path and NEOCycle Music Fest stage. GE engineers built special bikes to demonstrate the energy efficiency of LED lights versus incandescent lights. Be sure to stop by the GE Lighting booth to give these specially engineered bikes a try!

Did you know it takes 15x more energy to light older, incandescent technology versus more energy-efficient LED lighting? Plus LED lighting lasts more than two decades – now that’s a real energy saving way to light your home!

Find out how much you can save by switching to LED with GE Lighting’s LED Energy Savings Calculator. For more fun, energy-saving facts, visit

The mission of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission is to measurably enhance the economy, image and quality of life in the Greater Cleveland community by attracting and creating significant sporting events and activities.